099 9513 S Hand shower

€ 61.95 plus VAT
Product Image of 099 9513 S Hand shower

Hand shower 099 9513 S

4 functions, ABS, with grey nubs, 110 x 245 mm,
matt black

€ 61.95 plus VAT

  • Single elegant shower handset. Matching shower hoses, rail raisers and wall brackets also available.
  • Thanks to its round no-frills design the product blends into any bathroom decor.
  • Strong rain jet, ideal for hair washing
  • Concentrated massaging jet
  • Rain jet + concentrated massaging jet
  • Soothingly enveloping shower rain
  • Steinberg product in matte jet black.  An elaborate process achieves the impeccably smooth yet matt surface. The result is a maximum corrosion resistant, jet black surface with soft and calm light reflections.