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390 4645 iFlow - full electronic mixer with digital indications

€ 1550.00 plus 19% VAT
Faucet 390 4645

iFlow - full electronic mixer with digital indications 390 4645

for up to 4 exits, including concealed unit for control and adjustment, intuitive with softtouch and digital indication, hot water safety function at 38°, without volume control, ½" exits, with electronic temperature control, black/chrome, flow rate up to 25 ltr/min at 3 bar

€ 1550.00 plus 19% VAT

  • For concealed installation – technical components and connectors are concealed by wall and tiling for a stylish bathroom interior.
  • IFLOW – mixer tap with digital indicator and temperature control by dial.
  • Thanks to its angular no-frills design the product blends into any bathroom decor.
  • Mixer for easy volume control and for four outlets (e.g shower handset and rain panel with three spray modes).
  • Mixer with touch switches for smoothly switching between its four outlets.
  • This mixer controls up to four outlets (e.g. shower handset, overhead shower, tub filler). To control less outlets (e,g, shower handset and overhead shower only) you need a mixer with less diverter positions (e.g. with 2-way or 3-way diverter).
  • Mixer with black touch panel in high gloss and durable high-grade chrome protective frame cover.
  • Product is compatible with instant water heaters from 21 kW upwards.

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