390 2700 S Shower set

€ 1249.50 plus VAT
390 2700 S Shower set shown in a setting
Setting Image of 390 2700 S Shower set
The Setting Image shows Shower set, article 390 2700 S
Shower set, Article No. 390 2700 S shown in a setting
The Setting Image shows 390 2700 S Shower set
Article 390 2700 S Shower set shown in a setting
This is a Setting Image of Shower set, Article 390 2700 S
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Shower set 390 2700 S

complete with thermostatic shower mixer, with rain shower (with Easy Clean)and handshower, with glass shelf, with sliding bracket for handshower,with height adjustable shower arm(during installation), matt black

€ 1249.50 plus VAT

  • Product for wall mounted installation.
  • Mixer tap with thermostatic valve for temperature preset and easy temperature control. With integral anti-scald device preset to 38°C (100°F).
  • Shower kit with elegant rail raiser for a comforting shower experience.
  • Thanks to its angular no-frills design the product blends into any bathroom decor.
  • This mixer controls two outlets (e.g. shower handset and overhead shower). To control more outlets (e.g. shower handset and rain shower panel with various spray modes) you need a mixer with more diverter positions (e.g. with 3-way or 4-way diverter).
  • Without volume control
  • The mixer comes with diverter to allow convenient switching between outlets.
  • The mixer's turning handle allows easy switching between outlets (e.g. overhead shower and shower handset).
  • Strong rain jet, ideal for hair washing
  • With EasyClean: prevents calcifaction of the nozzles fast and easy by just wiping your finger across regularly.
  • Shower hose of comfortable 1.800 mm (5.9 ft) length.
  • From mixers to shower kits to accessories: this product too is made of solid brass – for that classy feel to the touch.
  • Steinberg product in matte jet black.  An elaborate process achieves the impeccably smooth yet matt surface. The result is a maximum corrosion resistant, jet black surface with soft and calm light reflections.

Spa feel for your home

Series 390 Sensual Rain

Comfort, design and individuality: Begin your perfect day in the shower with Series 390 Sensual Rain shower mixers. The modern, elegant design blends into any bathroom decor and can be combined with products from all Steinberg series.

Individual Shower

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