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250 1200 Shower mixer 1/2″

€ 257.25 plus VAT
Product Image of 250 1200 Shower mixer 1/2″

Shower mixer 1/2″ 250 1200

with 90° ceramic headparts, intrinsically safe against backflow, chrome

€ 257.25 plus VAT

  • This bathroom mixer has a 1/2″ thread connector to match common 1/2″ piping.
  • Traditional two-handle mixer tap with 90°C (194°F) hot and cold water valves for persistently smooth operation.
  • Thanks to its round no-frills design the product blends into any bathroom decor.
  • This mixer controls one outlet (e.g. shower handset or overhead shower or tub filler). To control more outlets you need a mixer with more diverter positions (e.g. with 2-way, 3-way or 4-way diverter).
  • With volume control
  • From mixers to shower kits to accessories: this product too is made of solid brass – for that classy feel to the touch.
  • Topped off with a durable high-grade chrome surface for vibrant shine and beautiful reflections of light.
  • Product is compatible with instant water heaters from 21 kW upwards.

Flow rates

Flow rate

l/min - 3 bar

New interpretation of a classic

Series 250

Modern, functional aesthetic with a touch of nostalgia: Series 250 takes the mixer tap design classic to the here and now. Signature style element: cross-shaped handles, replicated in all mixer taps of this series.

Nostalgic Look

Classics in new disguise: Series 250 mixer taps to adorn basin, shower and bath.

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