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430 7000 S Stool of Mineo Stone

€ 504.00 plus VAT
430 7000 S Stool of Mineo Stone shown in a setting
Setting Image of 430 7000 S Stool of Mineo Stone
The Setting Image shows Stool of Mineo Stone, article 430 7000 S
Product Image of 430 7000 S Stool of Mineo Stone

Stool of Mineo Stone 430 7000 S

W 400 x D 300 x H 430 mm, 10,6 kg, black

€ 504.00 plus VAT

  • Thanks to its angular no-frills design the product blends into any bathroom decor.
  • Our 430 series is made from Mineo Stone, a high-grade composite of natural minerals and acrylic resin.  It is one of the most attractive materials to be currently used for wet room decor in the bathroom. Thanks to its smooth and poreless surface acrylic stone most effectively repels liquids and dirt, making it easy to clean. Other than natural stone is it not only lighter but also extremely hard to break as well as shock and tear proof. To sum it all up: a modern quality product for your bathroom to enjoy for long despite intensive use. Bathroom accessories and washbasins from Mineo Stone have a number of major benefits over those from other materials such as natural stone:• durable – thanks to shock and scratch proof, hard-wearing surface  
    • elegant – seamless design as made of one piece
    • solid – yet lighter than natural stone    
    • easy to clean – with common household cleaners  
    • hygienic – thanks to poreless and seamless surface
    Do not expose Mineo bathroom stools to temperatures above 80 °C /176 °F or to loads over 200 kg/440 lbs. Do not deposit hot objects on Mineo Stone surfaces.
  • Steinberg product in matte jet black.  An elaborate process achieves the impeccably smooth yet matt surface. The result is a maximum corrosion resistant, jet black surface with soft and calm light reflections.

Mineo Stone

Series 430

Quiet white, grey and black, and a design reduced to the essential make it child’s play to stage Series 430 to perfection in both style and colour in your bathroom. The Mineo Stone material, a high-grade composite of natural minerals and acrylic resin, gives the surface a velvety matte finish cast in one piece – smooth as a palm stone, without any joints or pores.

Clean Chic

Timeless, natural, functional – Series 430 elegant stools in solid acrylic stone give any bathroom a clear, fresh look.

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