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Steinberg Faucets Series 120 Made in Germany

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Steinberg Series 120
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Clear lines to form

An overall sensual silhouette. Pure embodiment of dazzling elegance to catch the eye.

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Series 120 – Sensuality in the contours

Angular shapes and soft round contours unite naturally and present themselves in the bathroom with an appeal that nothing compares to – Elegant, charming and timelessly beautiful, the mixer tap is a pleasure to look at and leaves space for admiring emotion to the touch and feel.


Enjoy your morning shower ritual under a rain panel giving a smooth shower rain, or freshen up for the day with an elegant handset or rain shower mixer set from Steinberg. In modern and stylish bathrooms the shower mixers made of solid brass look most exquisite.

The beautifully shaped lever handles are genuine design highlights; thanks to the ceramic cartridge inside, their ease of use and durability are equally compelling.

Besides the classic single lever handle mixers Steinberg also have thermostat shower mixers in their programme. These offer the benefit that water temperature can precisely be preset and keeps stable.

To make the shower mixer blend perfectly into your bathroom, Steinberg offer two installation variants: You may choose between exposed and concealed install mixers. Both have their own appeal and allow to be matched to interiors in various styles.

Showermixers from Steinberg offer a wide choice of options to transmute your bathroom into your retreat of well-being. Depending on model, you may connect just one outlet or choose between mixers with 2-way or 3-way diverters. A combination of rain shower, handset or additional lateral showerhead is just one out of many options to fit out yourbath room.

For standard shower add-ons such as rain showerheads, showersets, lateral showerheads or cascade spouts Steinberg offer showermixers with a ½“ connection. For rain panels however, a wider ¾“ connection is needed to provide enough flow to cocoon you entirely in the smooth shower rain. Steinberg naturally have the right mixers also for this application.

The modern elegance in the many variations of Steinberg mixers is captivating. Organic forms inspire your senses with smooth, rounded surfaces, where as distinct, angular shapes bring a clear concept into your bathroom. Transmute your home into an oasis for well-being and let the exquisite designs take you to your new dreambathroom.

You have the choice between various showersets with rain showerheads and handsets to match your bathroom ideas. The showersets can be combined with a single levermixer or thermostat mixer, or connected to another mixer already in use.

Bath mixer taps

Steinberg bath mixer taps, made from solid brass, allow to fit out your bathroom individually. So you complete not justa bathroom interior yet create an oasis for your senses. Combine the bath mixer taps with free standing or classic bathtubs and choose from a wide range of concealed and exposed mixers.

The aerators inside Steinberg bath mixers make for a beautiful, full water flow. Thanks to the ceramic cartridge inside, ease of use and durability of the beautifully shaped lever handles are compelling. The handles come in different variations, so you may find the perfect mixer for any bathroom.

Within the wide choice of timeless and elegant designs you are sure to find a Steinberg bath mixer to match your bathroom interior. You have the choice between single lever and 4-hole deck mount mixers, or perhaps you decide on a thermostat mixer to preset watertemperature.

Choose between bath mixer taps with fixed or swivel spout to get an ideal match to your interior. To correspond to your available space and preferences, Steinberg bath mixers come in exposed and concealed installation variants.

Steinberg bath mixer taps offer a great variety of options to transmute your bathroom into a space for relaxation and well-being. Choose between a single or two-leg free standing bathmixer and a 4-hole deck mounted mixer tap in two different versions. It is available with fixed or swivelspout, or without any spout.

Decide for yourself whether the mixer to control shower set, wall outlet or more is to be installed exposed or concealed. You may also choose from a number of designs featuring either organic shapes with smooth, curved contoursor angular shapes with clear, distinct lines.

More about Series 120 kitchen sink mixer taps

Delicious compositions are created in your kitchen: find complete expression in cooking, in bringing people together, yet also in design. Steinberg offer a wide choice in both design and functionality for kitchen sink mixer taps to fit out your favourite place in your home according to your desires and preferences entirely.

Steinberg design kitchen mixer taps made of solid brass with beautifully shaped lever handles that thanks to the aerator inside the tap produce a beautiful, full water flow. The top-grade ceramic cartridge makes ease of use and durability of the lever handle compelling.

Choose your personal favourite from single lever and two lever mixers and decide whether your kitchen mixer should feature a swivel or fixed spout. The one-hole deck mount mixers from Steinberg are much versatile and integrate also into your kitchen.

Additional functions in the Steinberg mixers offer more comfort in the kitchen and are practical helpers when it comes to prepare a nice evening. The touch function comes in exceptionally handy: Just a light touch on the mixer's surface turns the water on and off with no need to turn a handle.

Series 120 kitchen sink mixers with the practical pre-rinse spray arm or double joint swing arm offer a high level of comfort with exquisite design.

Steinberg have different designs on offer. Their kitchen mixer taps give you the choice between distinct, angular and soft, rounded shapes. Or you decide on an industrial design popular in restaurant and hotel businesses.