Steinberg Faucets Series 135 Understatement Made in Germany

Series Overview Series 135 Inspiration
Steinberg Series 135 1814
Steinberg Series 135 1162

Contemporary elegance

In a design idiom of grace and understatement. The distinctive arc tastefully blends with the overall design, being upgraded by its grandeur.

Steinberg Series 390 1625

Series 135 – Discreet elegance

The elegant flat spout and discreet contours have made the Series 135 bathroom mixer taps a popular classic within the Steinberg product lines.

The special about this series: The mixer tap's shape gives the water a natural flow, pleasing the eye tired from a long workday. The mixer taps' soft contours give basin, shower, or bath an elegant yet modern look. High-grade metal and thought through technology make for the durable charm of this series.

The Series 460 accessories offer elegance from high-grade solid brass for the daily sense of well-being in the bathroom. Mind a tumbler holder next to the basin mixer, a towel bar next to the bath tap, or a soap basket near the shower mixer? You will find a vast selection of these functional design objects in Accessories.