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Steinberg Standarmatur 260 1162 Freistehende Wanne/Brause-Armatur
Steinberg Waschtischarmatur 260 1000 Waschtisch-Einhebelmischbatterie

Series 260

The edgy character and uncompromising shape convey an impressing serenity that transfers to its user. An interplay between smooth waves and dynamic curves.

Steinberg Duscharmatur 100 4102 1 Fertigmontageset


Series 260 – Experience freedom

Powerful waves to be tamed by dynamic yet smooth contours allowing them to flow. Sophisticated designs and ease of use offer a high level of form and function for your bathroom.

The Series 260 charismatic mixer taps by Steinberg and Schmiddem are award winners. In 2017 the 260 1000 basin mixer tap won the Plus X Award in the categories High Quality, Design and Comfort.  Dive into the great variety of Series 260 basin, shower and bath mixers for your well-being oasis. For relaxing shower moments Steinberg have the right rain showers on offer – just look in Sensual Rain.

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Steinberg Series 260 Freedom

Steinberg Badezimmer


Series 270 – Fine contours and softness to the touch

Series 270 mixer taps bring calmness and harmony to your bathroom. Well balanced proportions make for a 'design to touch'. Featuring fine contours and delicate curves, they are soft to the touch and make you pleasantly relax. A composition for your senses.

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Series 270  

A calm and balanced mixer design for softness to the touch. Rounded edges make for a nice feeling of calmness. Your retreat from the daily grind.

Steinberg 270 1804 Fertigmontageset
Steinberg 270 1162 Badarmatur Freistehende Wanne/Brause-Armatur

Design Blog

Steinberg Badarmatur

Flamboyant patterns and muted colours – welcome the boho style to your bathroom

Boho chic as a fashion style has long found its way into our wardrobes, and a firm place in our domestic interiors too. After colourful patterned rags and pillow covers in loud colours now bohemian elements are allowed also to the bathroom. If kept to one colour set with a maximum of two accent colours however, the boho-styled interior will look calm, tidied up and well-balanced regardless.

Our example shows a bathroom concept starting from cool hues of grey in various harmonising patterns to convey an air of cosiness. Different folksy elements in plain shades of grey can be ideally combined without appearing restless, thanks to the uniform set of colours. Accents in shape and colour are set by wooden elements, such as ladder or table, and mustard highlights. Pot plants make for a still more cosy decor.

Our Series 180 with its curved contours blends quite well into a boho bathroom concept, giving your well-being oasis the finishing touch. The fairly wide freestanding mixer tap is an earthly and proud element of the interior, making the entire style appear strong yet relaxed. The outstanding design idiom of the bath mixer tap is a statement to last.

Steinberg Bad

Hygge – your bathroom as cosy retreat

The hygge trend in interior decor stands for winding down and recharging your batteries like no other. It's all about feeling at peace with yourself, and finding your true self. The cool season positively invites to put on the thick cosy socks and feel comfortable at home. Yet not only bedroom and the cosy blanket should be the places to feel nice: any room may invite you to enjoy the presence of things to relax.

Hygge is what you make of it. The Danish term for cosiness does not know of exact definition or rules.  It's just an inner feeling of balance. Maybe something delicious to eat, the nice cup of hot chocolate on the sofa, or the hot bath after a hard day’s work. 

When the clear water pours out of this basin mixer tap with the well balanced proportions and the soft feel caressing your hands, this alone might be a little hygge moment already. Our 270 Series may contribute to your bathroom becoming a hygge-ish oasis of balance and relaxation. Its delicate contours without sharp curves breathe serenity and invite you to linger.

Steinberg Badarmatur
Steinberg Badarmatur 160 1000 Waschtisch-Einhebelmischbatterie

Series 160

The puristic beauty of a mixer tap without any compromise: shiny, straight, and distinctive.

Steinberg Badarmatur 160 1163 Freistehende Wanne/Brause-Armatur


Series 160 – Purism without compromise

Basin mixers in captivating shapes with corners and edges, and bath mixers with elegant look and discreet character to support the puristic appeal of freestanding bathtubs. Designed to show clear lines as pure as the water flowing through, Series 160 bath, shower and basin mixers are an ascetic style statement in design and aesthetics.

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Steinberg 5-Loch Wanne/Brause-Standarmatur 160 2400

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Steinberg Badarmatur 100 1166 Freistehende Wanne/Brause-Armatur
Steinberg Basin 100 1804 Fertigmontageset

Series 100

Feel the perfect harmony of clear shapes in timeless elegance to compel.

Steinberg Clarity


Die Series 100 – Strictly minimalistic

The pure, clear style in Steinberg mixer taps combines the typically exquisite design with top functionality. The basin mixer taps with their puristic lever handles blend perfectly with your bathroom interior. The bath mixer taps impress with clear lines and, together with the other mixer taps in this series, set new standards in functionality and appearance.

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Steinberg Handbrausegarnitur 100 1670

Steinberg Freistehende Wanne/Brause-Armatur 250 116

Series 250

Nostalgia meets modern age: The grandeur of the cross handle in a nostalgic two-handle mixer, paired with the reduced contours typical of Steinberg mixers, enter into a magic symbiosis for your bathroom.

Steinberg 3-Loch Waschtisch-Armatur 250 1902
Steinberg Spültisch-Zweigriffarmatur


Series 250 – A statement of timelessness

A modern statement for your bathroom, with a clear design starting from the classic cross. All Series 250 mixer taps feature the cross-shaped handle, making them most recognisable. The body contours are outlined by soft curves, making for a harmonious overall concept.

The bath mixers from Steinberg offer a high level of comfort. A Series 250 shower mixer and matching basin mixer tap add a stylish touch to your bathroom.

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Steinberg Fertigmontageset 250 4133

Steinberg Handbrausegarnitur 170 1670
Steinberg Badarmatur 170 1500 Waschtisch-Einhebelmischbatterie


Series 170 – Curved Elegance

The oval as this series' main theme is present throughout the entire line: from the the shower mixer cover plate to the distinctive bath mixer tap handle.  The beauty of geometric shapes is most highlighted in the basin mixer taps.

The bath mixer tap shows exciting contrasts mirrored by the contours of the lever.  Organic curves and plane surfaces perfectly interact also in the shower mixer taps.

Series 650 offers matching accessories such as soap dispensers for the basin or soap baskets for your bathtub.  These aesthetic helpers together with the 170 series mixer taps make a perfect overall concept.

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Series 170

Gracefully curved contours fascinate with elegant discretion throughout this series, featuring a delicate silhouette. Soft and rounded edges make you feel well balanced.

Steinberg Waschtischarmatur
Steinberg Badarmatur

Steinberg Badarmatur
Steinberg Duscharmatur


Series 180 – Dynamic and full of grace

A distinctive appearance that instantly attracts attention. The basin mixer with the ergonomic handle and forward arced body emanates discreet grace.  All Series 180 bath mixers display this arced linearity, making them most recognisable. The shower mixer features also a distinctive lever which could be perfectly combined with a rain shower or Series 120 shower sets.

The unique contours in the Series 180 bath mixer tap are a visual experience of the highest order.

The graceful design of the mixer taps is supported by Series 450 matching accessories.

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Steinberg Basin

Series 180

The distinct shape of the Series 180 mixers is much expressive and brings elegance to a new level. Dynamic curves appear well balanced and proud.