2023 Steinberg Trends and Highlights

We at Steinberg constantly develop and manufacture new products that meet our own high standards of quality, design and functionality. Our in-house design team has a good sense of trend for all the things in the bathroom that make everyday life nicer and a bit more comfortable. The latest innovations in our product line include, for example, the minimalist Matt White mixer tap series and the quite unique iConic series. Another important mixer tap trend: efficient water saving without getting less comfortable.

Design Purists love Steinberg's new White series

If you are looking for something special, you will enjoy the clean minimalism of our new White Series. The velvety-matt surface has a very pleasant feel to the touch, the design idiom is markedly reduced. Steinberg's new White Series mixer taps merges two of our popular design bestsellers: the timeless Series 100 and the Series 260 basin mixer, designed by Jochen Schmiddem for Steinberg.

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The new Iconic series pairs excellent design with smart technology

Conical shapes create iconic design – the recurring, conical design element lends the new Iconic series' mixer taps distinctiveness. The unique design, inspired by the Bauhaus, and innovative, smart technology is bound to set new standards for digital bathroom mixer taps. Water temperature can be adjusted by an intuitive push dial, and a stylish LED colour gradient indicates temperature changes. The extraordinary mixer tap is complemented by the ultimate real eye-catcher: the overhead shower head with built-in LED lighting for a gentle play of light.

Our tip: Saving water without sacrificing comfort

Discover the new aesthetics of water saving with Steinberg mixer taps – retrofit your mixer taps and save energy and costs: An aerator, also known as pearlator, can reduce flow rate by up to 60% without getting less comfortable. Each litre of hot water saved also reduces energy consumption and thus costs – good for you, good for the environment and the climate.

Retrofit Steinberg mixer taps for energy saving

A retrofittable aerator limits your mixer's flow rate, reducing your consumption and costs in a simple way: the aerator mixes air into the water jet, producing an evenly full, soft spray – just as you are used to. Flow rate is reduced to a maximum of 5 liters or 4 liters per minute.

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Retrofit shower handsets – reduce consumption & costs

The flow rate of shower handsets can also be easily reduced by up to 60% – with a retrofittable flow restrictor. Flow rate is reduced to a maximum of 9 litres or 8 litres per minute – without getting less comfortable either. Don't forget: Saving hot water reduces energy consumption and cuts your costs.

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