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Comfort, Design, Individuality - Sensual Rain for your luxury shower experience


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Rain Shower Panels



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Make your day perfect with a luxury shower experience: Let your eyes enjoy Sensual rain's beautiful design – and your body and soul a shower rain that comes either soothing or invigorating at your choice. And if you can make your choice as simple as at the push of a button, then it's likely to be Sensual Rain bathroom design by Steinberg. Learn about the highlights now: Our much versatile rain shower heads and panels – and the high-end operating comfort that smart functions such as iFlow and Pushtronic can provide.

Pushtronic for your perfect spa feel

Treat yourself to a luxury shower with all pleasures, all at the push of a button – with Pushtronic by Steinberg. Make your daily shower routine your favourite ritual – and enjoy the highest level of comfort wrapped in exquisite bathroom design.
Easy, intuitive use

Your individual shower experience

Pushtronic lets you make your individual shower moment magical all by yourself. Push controls let you chose among up to four outlets, such as overhead shower with different sprays in combination with a separate handset. Pushtronic mixers come as single lever or thermostat version, and with round, angular or oblong cover plate designs to choose from. Feel free – and enjoy.


Luxury at the push of a button
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Pushtronic news

What are the latest bathroom trends in Pushtronic design and technology? Did you know for example our new swivel tub filler and the exposed install bath/shower thermostat?


Hands free & digital

iFlow -
State of the art in bathdesign

It's bound to stir the blood in design aficionados and spa enthusiasts alike. The black glossy chrome-rimmed display covers top-notch technology – for the highest level of comfort in your own home spa. Start now with your new morning ritual.

My Home Spa:Modern, digital, intuitive
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Easy control via soft touch

Hot, Hotter - iFlow

How hot would you like your rain shower? Simply set your comfort temperature with the iFlow dial – the LED colour gradient will automatically change to mirror actual water temperature.   And what about outlet selection? It's also done via the iFlow's display: Lightly touching the symbols selects one of up to four outlets, such as handset, rain and overhead shower, and tub filler.

Rain Shower

Rain Showering - pure relaxation for all your senses

For Moments of true well-being
Sensual Rain
My sensual morning ritual

Relax Rain

Wake Up, Refresh or Relax?

With our rain shower panels you may decide what kind of shower you feel to take like. You have the choice between up to three different spray modes to make your shower an ever refreshing experience: Classic Rain for an intense, wide shower jet; Curtain Rain for a soothing, enveloping shower rain; and Waterfall for a strong, massaging blade jet.

Spot On:
LED lighted Rain Shower Panels

To have your rain shower aglow with beauty, chose one of our rain shower panels with up to 13 LED spotlights. This way you can have yourself caressed not only by gently flowing water but by soothing rays of light too.
My personal highlight: The light & rain shower
Sensual Rain

Exquisite, upscale, cool

Polished and shiny, or rather brushed and matte? Whatever your choice may be, our overhead shower heads of high-grade stainless steel will always give your shower that touch of luxury.
Cleaning? Child's play!
Our overhead shower heads feature Easy Clean anti-calcification: Just wiping your fingers across the nozzles from time to time will effortlessly keep limestone deposits off your shower head.


Rain shower heads are a must-have in the modern bathroom. And if it's also as timelessly beautiful and comfortable as a Wallrain you will enjoy it for years to come.   Our overhead shower delights you with one or two spray modes: Rain for an intense wide shower jet, and Waterfall for a strong, massaging blade jet.   This is today's way to enjoy shower comfort at its highest level.

Sensual Rain

Overhead shower kit: The two-in-one bathroom design

Other than our Rain Shower shower heads, Wallrain shower heads come with a firmly attached shower arm. The shower kit is designed to be wall mounted. It comes in high-grade brass with a shiny chrome finish, a look achieved by the exquisitely polished stainless steel plating. Available in round and angular designs with a wide variety of dimensions, Wallrain perfectly blends with almost all bathroom decors.
My own oasis of well-being
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Explore our new Wallrain overhead shower kits in stylish designs with various spray modes and, naturally, Easy Clean anti-calcification. Learn all about our latest bathroom designs here .