Steinberg Faucets Series 170 Beauty Made in Germany

Series Overview Series 170 Inspiration
Steinberg Series 170 1000 1

An overall look

- so fascinating for its understatement.

Steinberg Series 170 1162

So pure and so precious

the delicate design idiom of this series appears, its balance and delicacy making for this perfect silhouette.

Steinberg Faucet Series 170 1670
Steinberg Faucet Series 170 1500
Steinberg Faucet Series 170 1804
Steinberg Faucet Series 170 2400
Steinberg Series 170

Series 170 – Elegant curves

Series 170 highlights the oval as style feature. The series' design idiom is consistently adhered to throughout the entire line: from the distinctive bath mixer tap handle to the shower mixer cover plate. Long shiny cylinders combined with flat oval elements – the beauty of geometric shapes, most highlighted in the basin mixer taps.

The bath mixer tap's spout mirrors the contours of the lever – a solution making for exciting contrasts without straining the eye. The thrilling interplay between plane surfaces and organic curves is also visible in the shower mixer taps.

Matching accessories can be find in Series 650 – with all the functional and aesthetic helpers in the bathroom such as soap dispensers for the basin or soap baskets for the bathtub. The accessories mirror and visually extend the bathroom mixer taps' curved shape – to meet your demand for a consistent and harmonious bathroom design.