Steinberg Faucets Series 180 Grace Made in Germany

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The faucet's magic

A subtle but distinctive design idiom, exuding strength and proudness while appearing equable and even-tempered. A unique presence to cast a spell on you.

Series 180 – Dynamic and graceful

Dynamically the mixer tap arcs into the room. The forward arced body and ergonomic handle highlight the discreetly luxurious look. The dynamics of arced linearity is common to all bathroom mixer taps in this series. The prominent lever is also employed in the shower mixer taps; however, these can still be tastefully combined with the Series 120 shower sets and Series 390 rain showers.

The unique contours in the mixer taps for freestanding bathtubs is a visual experience of the highest order and completes the stunning overall look of this series in the bathroom.

The Series 450 matching accessories are as versatile in style as the bathroom mixer taps and embellish not only the basin yet the entire bathroom with their fine contours.