Steinberg Regenbrausen & Paneele Series 390 Sensual Rain Made in Germany

Series Overview Series 390 Inspiration
Steinberg Series 390 Sensual Rain
Steinberg Series 100 1686

Countless water drops to caress your skin

Rain showers created for sensual well-being day after day. Discover the Sensual Rain programme.

Steinberg Series 120 1686
Steinberg Series 100 1683 Sensual Rain

Sensual Rain—simply irresistible

Like warm summer rain the water rinses your skin. The relaxing and light massaging effect of soft rain combines with the daily cleansing ritual, tuning out the hectic daily routine for some precious minutes. Whether you want to set highlights with light, need a panel with 2 or 3 different spray patterns, or are looking for the ultraflat design—find your personal Rain Shower to meet your individual needs.

Steinberg Series 390 6610 Sensual Rain
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