Die Marke Steinberg

A homage to your lifestyle

Faucets have become the most important style elements in bathroom and spa these days. Most of all due to the reduced designs of modern baths and washbasins, faucets in the distinctive Steinberg design are perceived as exceptional soloists. Any Steinberg faucet will upgrade your bathroom and exhibit your good taste—a statement of your lifestyle and personality.

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Comfort to make life more pleasing

Wether temperature preset, touch mode or modular elements for individual shower and bath solutions—Steinberg offer you all the extras in comfort of use.

Steinberg see to it that you may just relax and enjoy—thanks to features such as Easy Clean or digital control of flow rate and temperature. Additional safety is provided by Steintec technology in concealed thermostat boxes that safely deviate the water in the case of leakage so as to prevent wall damage.

Our faucets—comfort and ease of use to feel

Technology should not only reliably function but feel fine to the touch too. A consistent haptic quality throughout the product's lifespan is, besides a beautiful look, also a vital quality factor. Therefore we use only cartridges, valves, diverters and thermostats from suppliers whose names have for decades been associated with exceptional, lifelong quality.

Made in Düsseldorf, Germany

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Quality to feel

Our faucets' delicacy and impressing upmarket feel, and not least our good name testify to the demand for the high quality of Steinberg products. Solid brass for an exceptional upmarket feel, mouth-blown and hand-cut crystal glass, fine surfaces in sought-after precious metals such as gold and platinum, heavy frosted glass. All materials we use are selected with utmost care.

A faucet needs hundreds of processing steps to become a faucet, which are essential to its quality. That way, the art of cutting is, rather than to shape the faucet, to free the design from the unnecessary. This requires years' worth of experience and an eye for the minute detail. A block of brass is brought to perfect shape, with Steinberg's signature contours and symmetrical elements—created in our product designers' minds.

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Timeless. Inspiring. Expressive. The Steinberg design is much distinctive, yet ruled by pure understatement. Signature elements make for our distinctive style. What makes these elements perfect is their harmonious contours, so proportionally balanced and discreet that our faucets emanate a matchless elegance.

Jochen Schmiddem
Jochen Schmiddem Schmiddem Design, Berlin
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New products should never need to be explained yet evoke an emotional experience.
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Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider Designschneider, Berlin
The product with the design you like more will please you everyday—beyond its function.
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