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Faucets and Rain Showers and Panels by Steinberg Made in Germany

Steinberg Faucets

The Steinberg brand -
a homage to your lifestyle

The Steinberg brand enables you to make a personal statement also in bathroom and spa, for they are part of the integrated living concept - a homage to your individual lifestyle. This is why we at Steinberg focus on our designs being individual, fresh and all other than conventional. This has been our basic principle from the very beginning—and still is.


Made in Germany - for over 15 years

As brand manufacturer with high standards for upmarket look and feel, technically sophisticated functionality and high-grade materials, Steinberg has for over 15 years been standing for elegant faucet creations, sensual rain showers and classy bathroom accessories—made in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Exceptional in design

When developing new outlines, Steinberg have the ambition to include classic and timeless elements in any design however exceptional it may be, making them a true classic. A design philosophy to make Steinberg products compelling: Steinberg's faucet creations have time and again won design awards; apart from their in-house designs, Steinberg commission renowned product designers such as Jochen Schmiddem and Michael Schneider to develop new design idioms.

Steinberg Designer

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Plus X Award 2017

Steinberg 100

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Sensual Rain -
created for sensual well-being

The rain showers from Steinberg’s Sensual Rain programme combine the relaxing and light massaging effect of soft rain with the daily personal hygiene, making for an irresistible pleasure.

Steinberg 390

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Accessories -
classy down to the detail

Polish up your bathroom with perfectly matched accessories. Whether a well-shaped makeup mirror, a soap dispenser in black frosted glass or a puristic towel bar - just modern accessories to fall in love with.

Steinberg Accessoires

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