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At Steinberg, the selection of innovative materials is always in line with the aesthetic standards that have always characterized our designs. Each material is carefully selected to ensure that it is not only modern and technically advanced, but also meets the high standards that characterize our brand.


Solid Surface impresses with its seamless design, as it is made from a single piece. This allows for the seamless integration of washbasins and other bathroom elements. The result is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a consistent design without annoying joints. Thanks to its malleability, Solid Surface opens up a wide range of design possibilities, from organic curves to clean lines, to create different shapes and designs.

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Solid Surface is an innovative material. During production, natural minerals are combined with high-quality composite materials. The addition of acrylic resins gives the material its exceptional properties: the result is an absolutely smooth and pore-free material that enables seamless washbasins and tubs to be cast in one piece. Solid Surface is extremely resistant to liquids and dirt and is characterized by high scratch, impact and break resistance. The special combination of the raw materials and the precise manufacturing process ensure that the washbasins and tubs made of Solid Surface not only offer a wide range of design options, but also retain their beauty for many years.

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