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iconic - digital mixer with led indicator

complete with mixer and diverter, intuitive push dial and digital display, with digital temperature control, temperature sensitive LED colour gradient, without volume control, 1/2" outlets,  for 2 outlets, with cover plate ø 80mm

Series 310
Articlenumber 310 4120

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excl. 19% VAT
All surface variants
  • Weight: 3.65 kg
  • Color: chrome
  • Armaturenart: Digital faucet
  • Bedienkomfort: Electronic-smart
  • Highlights: Iconic
  • Material: Brass
  • Mengenregulierung: Without quantity regulation
  • Montageart: Flush mounting
  • Neuheiten: new hits
  • Umstellungskomfort: With twist handle
  • Umstellungsvarianten: With 2 outputs
  • Unterputz-Technologie: With basic technology
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