A tribute to your lifestyle - made in Düsseldorf, Germany

The fitting has become the most important style element in the bathroom these days. Especially thanks to the reduced shapes of modern ceramics, fittings with the characteristic Steinberg design become soloists in the bathroom. With every fitting from Steinberg you can enhance your bathroom and showcase your good taste - a statement about your lifestyle and your personality. Design the environment of your daily cleaning ritual.

Quality that you can feel

The filigree of our fittings with their impressively high-quality feel and ultimately our good name testify to the high quality standards of Steinberg products. Solid brass, mouth-blown and hand-cut crystal glass, satin-finished glass in a heavy version - all materials are selected with particular care for our products. A fitting is created in hundreds of individual steps, which are fundamental to its quality. The perfect shape is created from a piece of brass with Steinberg's characteristic lines and symmetrical elements - created in the minds of our product designers. Noticeably soft, flowing and flawless.

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Comfort that makes life more pleasant

Steinberg ensures that you can sit back and relax: with features such as the easy-clean function and the digital display of the flow and temperature. The Steintec technology in flush-mounted boxes offers you additional security, which safely redirects the water in the event of a defective fitting, so that wall damage is prevented.

Experience successful usability

Whether with temperature presetting, touch function or individual module elements: Steinberg offers you convenience when operating the fittings. The technology behind it should work and feel valuable to use. A consistent haptic quality over the entire product life cycle provides, in addition to a beautiful appearance, an additional crucial quality factor. For our technical controls, we therefore use cartridges, valves, diverters and thermostats from suppliers whose names have stood for excellent, long-lasting quality for decades.

Shower fittings with ease of use

Outstanding design

Timeless. Inspiring. Expressive. Steinberg's design is unmistakable and characterized by pure understatement. The trademarks of our designs are distinctive style-forming elements. These elements are perfected by harmonious lines that are proportionally balanced and reserved, so that our fittings radiate an inimitable elegance.

Designs by Schmiddem, Berlin

Jochen Schmiddem

"New products should never require explanation and at the same time create an emotional experience."

by Schmiddem Design

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by Schmiddem Design

Series 230

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