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At Steinberg we are constantly developing and manufacturing new products that meet our high standards of quality, design and functionality. Our in-house design team has a keen sense of trends for all the things in the bathroom that brighten up our everyday lives and make them a little more comfortable.

The Steinberg trends and highlights 2023

At Steinberg we are constantly developing and manufacturing new products that meet our high standards of quality, design and functionality. Our internal design team is characterized by a strong sense of current trends as well as contemporary designs and innovations. The latest highlights in our range include the minimalist 340 fitting series and the unique Iconic series.

Zeitlos in Gold

Mit der neuen Serie 171 wurde ein beeindruckendes Qualitätsgefühl geschaffen: Ein zeitloses und schlichtes Design mit perfekten Formen und grandiosen Details.

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Bathtubs with polyresin surfaces: elegance and functionality combined

Bathtubs with a polyresin surface represent a perfect symbiosis of elegance and functionality in the bathroom. These modern bathtubs not only impress with their attractive design, but also offer a variety of practical benefits.

The polyresin surface is characterized by its smooth, silky texture, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely comfortable on the skin. This adds an extra dimension of comfort to the bathing experience.

The seamless workmanship and modern design of these tubs fit effortlessly into any bathroom concept. The clean lines and timeless shapes give the room a touch of luxury and elegance.

Bathtubs with a polyresin surface are not only an enrichment for the bathroom, but also an investment in style, comfort and longevity. They combine aesthetics and practicality into a harmonious whole that increases the joy of bathing and relaxing.

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Perfektion in Form und Funktion

Die nahtlose Verarbeitung und das moderne Design von Polyresin fügen sich mühelos in jedes Badezimmerkonzept ein. Die klaren Linien und zeitlosen Formen verleihen dem Raum einen Hauch von Luxus und Eleganz.

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In the spirit of the times: cool elegance, interpreted in a modern way

The art of a successful design is often revealed in its simplicity and clarity. The ability to find true strength and charisma in restraint is what characterizes great design. For the new 340 faucet series from Steinberg, Steinberg's in-house design team from Düsseldorf was inspired by the simple elegance of contemporary style. The modern design impresses with its consistent clarity and slim lines and at the same time embodies trend awareness and Steinberg's proven design tradition.

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The new Iconic series

Design & smart technology

The new Iconic series combines excellent design and smart technology

Conical shape creates iconic design - in the new Iconic fitting series, the recurring, conical design element ensures distinctiveness. With a unique Bauhaus-inspired design and innovative, smart technology, Steinberg sets new standards in the field of fully electronic bathroom fittings. The water temperature can be adjusted individually using the intuitive rotary push-button control; the LED color gradient changes color with the temperature. The extraordinary fitting is completed by a real highlight: the overhead shower with integrated LED lighting for a gentle play of light.

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