The art of fluid transition

Freedom for all the senses: The use of high-quality natural materials in the bathroom makes the transition between inside and outside pleasantly flowing. Thanks to their beautiful surface structure, natural materials such as natural stone and wood not only touch all of our senses, but they also have a pleasantly calming and grounding effect on us - perfect for switching off and relaxing in the bathroom.

Natural harmony with a twist: In combination with rather cool materials such as exposed concrete, glass and metal, a warm, natural ambience in the bathroom takes on a very modern look. Individualists who love something special in interior design combine color-contrasting fittings with a puristically clear matt white finish to create this style.

All basin fittings in Matt White

Pure nature outside, design par excellence inside: in the friendly, natural atmosphere of the room, which is predominantly decorated in brown-greige tones, sculptural-looking fittings with a surface finish in matt white are a real joy. Thanks to their purist clarity and visual understatement, they beautifully complement the gentle atmosphere.

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