In the spirit of the times: cool elegance, interpreted in a modern way

The art of a successful design is often revealed in its simplicity and clarity. The ability to find true strength and charisma in restraint is what characterizes great design. For the new 340 faucet series from Steinberg, Steinberg's in-house design team from Düsseldorf was inspired by the simple elegance of contemporary style. The modern design impresses with its consistent clarity and slim lines and at the same time embodies trend awareness and Steinberg's proven design tradition. An impressive appearance thanks to a reduced design language. The design of the new 340 fitting series is based on a round body, gently curved elements, oval rosettes and user-friendly functionality.

The delicate, slim elements of the basin fittings are particularly highlighted by the deep black finish - an attractive look with a velvety matt feel that fits seamlessly into any bathroom environment. The design of the free-standing bathtub fitting from the 340 series by STEINBERG impresses with its almost sculptural character. Gentle light reflections on the flawlessly smooth, yet matt surface perfectly round off the harmonious overall picture. A real hand flatterer in the most beautiful deep black!

To the basin fittings from the 340 series

By consciously reducing everything to the essentials, the STEINBERG design team has succeeded in creating a series of fittings with a contemporary and modern appearance. All fittings are characterized by a handle that is angled upwards - a particularly attractive design element! Contrasting accents for an individual style The matt black surface gives the new designer fittings series from STEINBERG a modern and graphically striking character.

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