The essence of a stylish interior

In interior design, less is definitely more. The careful selection of each individual room element makes a decisive contribution to the overall harmony and perception of the bathroom ambience. Clear lines, minimalist shapes and subtle colors create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. The absence of superfluous elements leaves plenty of space for your own personality, while the clarity of the design pleasantly calms the senses.

Understatement, simplicity and purism - these are the key words of an interior design philosophy that does not rely on loud effects or superficial impact. The simple beauty of the room is subtly accentuated by a few, well thought-out details and high-quality, sensual materials. Everything has its place and its function without disturbing the harmonious overall impression.

Discover all bath and shower fittings from the 260 series

The bathroom as a place of retreat that reveals its true beauty through simplicity and reduction - every visit here becomes a pleasant experience for the senses. The clear aesthetics and the high-quality, puristic design create an inner balance and a feeling of serenity that pampers you with a little moment of luxury every day.

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